Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What a Real Christian Looks Like

The marrow...of Christianitie doth not consist, as too many suppose, in outward shewes, profession, talking; in holding strict points, defending precise opinions, contesting against the corruptions of the times; in the works wrought, external forms of religious exercises, set tasks of hearing, reading, conferences and the like; in some solemn extraordinary abstinences and forbearances, censuring others, etc.

[The marrow of Christianitie doth consist] in righteousnesse, peace, joy in the Holy Ghost; in meekness, tenderheartedness, love, patience, humilitie, contentedness; in mortification of sinne, moderation of passion, holy guidance of the tongue; in works of mercy, justice and truth; in fidelitie, painfulnesse in our callings, conscionable converstation with men; in reverence unto superiors, love of our enemies and open-hearted real fruitful affectionatenesse and bounty to God's people; in heavenly-mindednesse, selfe-deniall, the life of faith; in disesteeme of earthly things, contempt of the world, resolute hatred of sinne; in approving our hearts in God's presence, a sweet communion with Him, comfortable longing for the Lord Jesus, etc.

- Nicolas Byfield, The Marrow of the Oracles of God, 1630

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Colin said...

Ouch. Too much of the first and too little of the latter...in the mirror.