Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Glimpse of God's Grace

Here in Minot it's been a long winter. I'm ready for Spring. So, when I woke up this morning to several more inches of snow and 2-3 foot drifts on my driveway and sidewalk, I was not singing "Happy Days Are Here Again."

But then in the midst of the hour long process of clearing my pavement it hit me: "I have been blessed to live at a point in history after the invention of the snowblower. I'm using one right now and it's saving my back much pain and making this job far easier than it would be otherwise. Thank you, Lord, for this glimpse of Your grace."

Like me with my snowblower this morning, may our Heavenly Father give you eyes to see the many often overlooked evidences of kind grace He's poured into your world. When you glimpse them, praise Him.

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FuzyMunky said...

"heck, we just got running water last week!"

What about a house that keeps itself heated? No more waking up at 4 am to start the wood burning stove so there will be heat.

The very fact that we are communicating via electronics. How long would it have taken a message to travel from one country to another in the years before Christ? Now, we can converse instantly with people anywhere in the world.

God has so tremendously blessed us with grace, that I myself admit to sinfully taking for granted. The fact that I can can get in my car and get to a market within 2 minutes, buy perishable groceries and keep them fresh for days in a refrigerator or even freeze them.

All these niceties are completely unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, yet God has seen fit to bless us with them. How great He is.