Monday, April 20, 2009

Three Leaders We Need

What kind of leaders do we need most? According to Scripture, we most need the three offices of leadership which are found perfectly in Christ: prophet, priest and king. Theologian Francis Turretin explains how they perfectly address our unique needs:

"The threefold misery of humanity resulting from sin (ignorance, guilt and the bondage of sin) required this threefold office. Ignorance is healed through the prophetic office, guilt through the priestly, and the bondage of sin through the kingly. The prophetic light scatters the darkness of error; the merit of the priest removes guilt and obtains reconciliation for us; the power of the king takes away the bondage of sin and death. The prophet shows God to us; the priest leads us to God; and the king joins us together with God and glorifies us with him. The prophet illuminates the mind by the spirit of enlightenment; the priest soothes the heart and conscience by the spirit of consolation; the king subdues rebellious inclinations by the spirit of sanctification."

- Francis Turretin, quoted in Alester McGrath, The Christian Theology Reader, p. 283.

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thefourwinds said...

Thanks for this. I have really come to appreciate Turretin over the last 9 months.