Saturday, April 23, 2011

CRU dessert

At Trinity we've tried to become intentionally focused in our missions support to ensure maximum theological affinity, on-going relationship and mutual commitment. One of the ministries we support is our local Campus Crusade for Christ chapter, led by Trinity members Jason and Kassidy Skjervem, who actively minister at Minot State University and smaller, regional colleges like those in Bottineau and Devil's Lake. Our new IT and connections guy on staff here at Trinity, Josh Hawkins, also works part time with CRU, doing IT support.

God's been at work through CRU's ministry this year in some very exciting ways. Some students have recently become Christians while others have grown deeper in their faith. We all have an opportunity to hear more about it at their upcoming annual dessert on Monday May 9th at 7 pm at MSU's Student Center. The CRU staff and students will be sharing about what our Lord is up to in extending His Kingdom on campus, and we'll also have a chance to support this important arm of our missionary/evangelistic ministry financially.

Space is limited, so if you plan on attending the CRU dessert, please RSVP Kassidy at 720-0521.

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