Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear John

Today the worldwide evangelical church said 'So long' to one of its greatest leaders, writers, preachers, pastors and mentors: John RW Stott. In the 1940's, 50's and 60's he stood nearly alone as an exponent of biblical truth in the Anglican Church. His mid-century evangelistic campaigns on university campuses ushered hundreds into the Kingdom, including a young South African student named David Wells. His influence was pivotal in Billy's Graham's historic Harringay meetings in London in which so many came to a saving knowledge of Christ. He was the architect behind the Lausanne movement for world evangelization and founded the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. Stott wrote many New Testament commentaries and has been my personal model of exegetical faithfulness. Perhaps most of all, John Stott personally mentored evangelical leaders in India, South American and Africa and could be called the grandfather of the developing world church. This man's use by God for the expansion of the Kingdom and maturation of it are simply unparalleled. As he passes to his great reward, a reward bought with the blood of Christ, let us thank God for men like John Stott whose ministry influence reached far beyond his London congregation.

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