Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where is your focus?

As Christians, we typically think we're doing well when we're focusing on 'Christianity.' But what we mean by that is our experience of Christianity. Elyse Fitzpatrick states it well when she writes,

"I tend to focus my thoughts on my Christianity - how I'm doing, what I'm learning, how my prayer time was today, how I avoided that pesky sin or fell into it again. I think about what I'm supposed to accomplish for Christ, and I interact with others on that same works-oriented ground. But this day isn't about me at all. It's about Him: His sinless life, death, resurrection, ascension and reign and the sure promise of His return. It's the gravity of His life that should attract me toward Him." - Comforts from the Cross, pp. 16-17
Though we all need times of self-assessment (e.g. 2 Cor. 13:5), often we run into problems when we go through life looking in the mirror - even the mirror of our Christian walk. When we do that, then when we're doing well, we're tempted toward pride; and when we're doing poorly, we're tempted toward self-pity and despair. We need the wisdom of Hebrews 12:2, "Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith...."
So, where's your focus today? Make it Christ alone. Then, if you do well today, He'll get all the praise; and if you fall, His grace will be your hope.

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