Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Changed by the gospel

For my personal devotion times each morning I'm currently working through a Bible study workbook called Gospel Transformation produced by World Harvest Mission. It's 36 lessons are divided into six sections:

1. Introducing the gospel

2. Enemies of the gospel

3. Believing the gospel

4. The power of the gospel

5. The fruit of the gospel

6. The gospel in relationships

These lessons take you deeply into Scripture and help you look honestly at both your own sin and the fallen-ness of the world around you. They apply the good news of the sufficiency of God's love for us based on Christ's life, death and resurrection, helping us learn day by day to exchange our 'substitute saviors' for Christ alone.

Though Gospel Transformation can be studied individually (as I'm doing), it is ideally designed to be done with a small group of trusted friends, such as a small group, youth group or women's or men's study. It would make for ideal material for family worship or a homeschool environment, as long as dad or mom work through the material ahead of time to help contextualize it for their children. I hope many of you will profit from it as much as I am.

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