Thursday, June 14, 2012

True refuge

"Preserve me, O God, for in You I take refuge."  Psalm 16:1

"Great and faithful God, this day help me not take refuge

  • In my ability to work hard
  • In my reputation as a respectable person
  • In my good family
  • In my education
  • In my knowledge
  • In the ability and kindness of my friends
  • In my money (or the bank's money)
  • In the best leaders in government
  • In my well-formed plans
  • In my good works from the past
  • In better technology
  • In my next, favorite purchase
  • In my physical health
  • In the excellence of my church
  • In the good leaders in my life
  • In the excellent resources at my fingertips
  • In the delight of food
  • In the escape of entertainment
  • In who my children will become
  • In my dear spouse
  • In the comfort of my home
In this world filled with objects crying out to be my refuge, may I take refuge, O Lord, in You alone.  Amen."

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