Sunday, August 12, 2012

New staff proposal

The elders believe that moving from illness to fitness will require major staff and facility growth.  The facility details will be explored later this year, but the elders are agreed that in light of Minot’s current real estate market, it may make sense to remain on our current land as a present main site and future south site and maximize it as much as possible (including expansion in areas of office, c.e., nursery and possibly sanctuary space as well as exterior solutions/updates) using the proceeds from selling part of our land.  This would allow us to move forward with significant staff hires (generated by our regular income) and still address our facility needs.
Phase one of our strategic vision will take us into a new pastoral staff paradigm needed to posture ourselves for growth and maximum ministry impact into the future.  Thus far in the history of our church, we have had pastors who were ministry generalists, i.e. though they didn’t do all the ministry in the church, but they were ultimately responsible for ensuring that it got done; and if there was no one else to do it, they did it.  Generalist ministry hinders both pastoral health (they are not able to pour into their areas of giftedness and draw reasonable boundary lines) and church growth (they can only reasonably oversee so much ministry before ministry balls get dropped).  In such a system, growth is only sustainable to the maximum point of that person’s capacities. 
We believe greater health and growth for Trinity will be attained by moving away from seeing any pastoral staff as ministry generalists.  Rather, creating specialized staff positions which limit their ministry focus, allow them to operate in areas in which they thrive and balance each other will posture us for maximum health and growth.  Thus far in our strategy, we’ve believed that the best starting point in this new staff configuration was to shift Andy’s generalist (Senior Pastor) role into a specialist role which maximize his gifts (Lead Pastor of Teaching and Theological Vision), and introduce a ministry partner (Executive Pastor) who together would form an Executive Staff Team and form the ‘senior staff’ hub of the ministry wheel as the church prepares to expand into phases two and three. 
As many know, the XP search has been challenging, as we anticipated that it would.  Given the broad and deep nature of the job description (which some have termed as ‘Superman’), the optimal candidate would be asked to do more than is reasonable or healthy for any single pastor.   The SC has also discovered that the vast majority of men who are qualified for this position are unwilling to relocate to Minot for various reasons. 
By His Providence, we believe God may be opening a door which would provide an ideal solution.  Through this search process not one but two men have risen to the fore with complementary gifts and personalities and we believe that both men serving at Trinity alongside Andy would form a kind of pastoral dream team which would advance ministry significantly – far more than an ultimate XP could do.  Again, at this point we doubt that the ultimate XP role which we’ve been trying to fill would be realistic or healthy.  Therefore, we are recommending that Trinity allow our search committee to explore bringing both men on staff.  At least during our season of single sight growth in health, all three positions would function together as an executive staff team:
(disclaimer: the follow position descriptions are approximate and still in process of final formation)
1. Lead Pastor of Teaching and Theological Vision (Andy)
·         Trinity’s primary Bible student/teacher/preacher over the church as a whole
·         Primary theological/ministry discipler of the elders and other pastoral staff
·         Chief architect of Trinity’s philosophy of ministry and strategic mission vision
·         Trinity’s chief theological thinker, spokesman and writer, seeking to weave gospel-centrality into every aspect of ministry
·         Nurturing/modeling a life of leadership prayer
·         Areas of occasional ministry will include select:
o   Counseling
o   Discipleship of prospective elders
o   Weddings, Funerals, baptisms, etc.
o   Leadership in Minot’s Christian community
o   Mentoring younger pastors from other churches
2. Pastor of Ministry Development with a view toward eventually moving into an Executive Pastor role when Trinity goes multi-site and begins hiring campus pastors and other ministry personnel (worship leaders, etc.).
·         The church’s chief leadership/ministry development strategist
·         The strategic catalyst toward practical implementation of the vision
·         The strategic trainer of staff
·         Hire, manage and develop all administrative staff
·         Create efficient and helpful systems for all church operations
·         The designer of the small group system and trainer of small group leaders
·         The designer of our Christian education system and trainer of CE leaders/teachers
·         The designer of our outreach and assimilation system
·         The operational representative of and to the elder board
·         Oversee all fiscal, facility and policy operations of the church
·         Oversee all operational ministry teams
·         Oversee all operational aspects of the gathering of the church body
·         He will ‘mastermind’ our local multisite and regional church planting strategy
·         He will always seek to know where every person in the church is at in the assimilation/growth/ministry process
3. Pastor of Care and Connection with a view toward eventually moving into a Campus Pastor/Pastoral Mentor role in which he would both lead his own campus and care for other campus pastors and staff members. 
·         The pastoral caretaker of the staff
·         Overseer of all pastoral care systems for the church
·         The leader of the deacons and crisis care ministries
·         The pastoral representative of and to the elder board
·         The mentor/shepherd of small group leaders and CE leaders/teachers
·         The leadership ‘face’ of Trinity’s outreach and assimilation strategy
·         The mentor/shepherd of worship leaders/teams
·         The staff person ultimately responsible for weddings, funerals, baptisms, dedications and the counseling ministry of the church (until we go multi-site)
·         He would always seek to know how every person in the church is doing in their spiritual/personal health and growth in the gospel
At this point, there are still some unknowns.  Both would need to go through the candidating/vetting process and be elected by the members of the church.   What we’re trying to determine as we make this proposal is whether or not our members agree with the elder board and search committee that this configuration would so position Trinity for optimum ministry health and growth that it is worth taking a step of faith and budgeting toward in November.
Thinking about finances, by God’s grace we are doing very well and running a substantial surplus for 2012.  Though we cannot at this time say exactly what both salary packages would total, an educated average would be around $70K.  That translates to $2,700 additional income per week.  In 2012, we have been taking in around $900 surplus each week, which leaves about $1,800 more we would need to be given each week to cover these additional salaries.  We currently have 97 giving units in our directory.  If just 40 of those giving units gave an additional $45 per week, it would be covered.  If 80 families/singles gave an additional $23 per week, it would be covered.  So, this seems quite do-able.  Also, it is highly likely that these new staff positions will both help attract and retain new families which will grow our giving base.  We see these potential hires as ministry investments which will eventually pay for themselves and then some.  Up front other costs would be needed to put these staff members in place (computers, etc.), but we do have sufficient funds in savings to cover those costs.
The elders and search committee only want to move forward with this proposal once we know most in the congregation are behind it.  Therefore, we’d love to hear your questions and feedback.  Please call or email any elder.  Thanks so much!

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