Thursday, September 20, 2012

True Community

This week I'm preaching on true Christian community.  One of my frustrations is that (as usual) I have far more to say about this important topic than I have time.  The topic really deserves a book.  Providentially, Jerry Bridges just released a new book called (can you believe it?) True Community.  We already have one copy for our church library and more are on their way for sale on our book table.  But don't wait.  I'd encourage you to click over to Amazon and pick up your own copy soon.  Here is a list of the book's chapters:

  1. Sharing a common life
  2. Union with God
  3. Communion with God
  4. Fellowship and Community
  5. Spiritual fellowship
  6. Partnership in the gospel
  7. Spiritual gifts within the community
  8. Sharing your possessions
  9. Supporting your local ministry
  10. The fellowship of suffering
  11. The fellowship of serving
  12. Social fellowship
I can't wait to read it.  Join me!

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