Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our New Statement of Faith

The 2008 Evangelical Free Church National Conference will go down in modern church history as significant due to the approval of a revised Statement of Faith for our denomination. Back in 1950 when the EFCA was born a Statement of Faith was drafted which, though it has served us well for more than half a century, was most concerned about general doctrinal affirmations rather than theologically careful language. Our denomination's Spiritual Heritage Committee has done an admirable job in redressing that with our new Statement of Faith which moves twelve points into ten and provides greater biblical clarity on a number of levels.

This fall we will be presenting one combined Sunday School class for adults for the purpose of understanding and embracing the doctrinal beliefs and philosophical distinctives of Trinity Church. You'll especially not want to miss the first class session in which we will discuss our new Statement of Faith. In the meantime you'll find two resources helpful:

The new statement of faith may be found by clicking here.

A recent Christianity Today article documenting the significance of our new Statement of Faith may be found by clicking here.

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