Friday, August 29, 2008

The Best...Interview

Last week I introduced you to the best book I read this summer. I thought I'd continue that theme with the best recorded interview I heard this summer. It's a Q & A session with CJ Mahaney (of Soverieign Grace Ministries) and his wife Carolyn reflecting on Christian parenting priorities which put the gospel of Christ's grace first. Lord willing you'll benefit from this interview as much as Terri and I have.

Click HERE to listen!

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The Four Winds said...


Thanks for the plug and the link. This was also a blessing to me.

I especially appreciated their combination of training children early to obey (so when they are older they will have an inclination to attend to the gospel message) with their transparency towards their children about their own sin - that is, repenting to their children when necessary. True repentance, though often seen as a sign of weakness, has been one of the greatest strengths I've experienced as a parent in my relationships with my children.