Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Plant a Church?

Trinity Church in Minot, North Dakota is not a large church. Therefore, many might be wondering why we're looking to plant a daughter church in Colorado in the next year. "We can't afford to lose leaders and give away resources that WE need!" That might be the thought of some. But, considering the fact that church planting has proven the most effective means of reaching the lost, the Great Commission would argue that we can't afford NOT to plant churches. A brief article documenting one man's encouraging experience as part of a church plant, found here, describes that fact well.

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stephanie j. said...

God bless you for not worrying about what the world worries about...you are in our prayers, Trinity!

Love, Steph, Chad, Ingrid and Ilsa J. :)

PS We miss you all. Couldn't you plant down here in Almost Mexico?