Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On The Road Again

As of Thursday I'll be back on the road to North Carolina for two more classes at Reformed Theological Seminary (my fourth and fifth out of eight). Therefore, I'll not be around Trinity for a couple of weeks. Let me encourage you in a few ways during the time I'll be gone:

1. Get involved in Sunday School. This Sunday we resume our classes at 9 am with our regular classes continuing for kids and four new classes for adults. These will include two classes designed uniquely for men and women. I would encourage you all to get involved and grow deeper in the grace of the gospel. If you'd like to know more about Sunday School, contact the church office at 839-5127.

2. Pray for our preachers. While I'm away Nathan Pitchford and Greg Demme will be preaching during our Sunday services. Please pray for them and come expecting to encounter God's grace in His Word.

3. Pray for me. My purpose in pursuing more education is to become a better, more gospel-loving, grace-prizing pastor. Please pray that I would learn much and grow deeply through my classes and interactions with fellow pastors and my professors.

4. If you need to contact me while I'm away, please do so through my alternate email: andyp@srt.com.

See you in a couple of weeks.

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