Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From boy to man

"Dad, when will I be a man like you?" Those words are commonly heard by fathers of young sons who long to come into their own as men. God made boys for manhood, and it is our task to help lead them there. So, how can our sons know when they have become true men? Consider the following thirteen marks of true manhood delineated by Albert Mohler in his fine booklet, From Boy to Man.

A boy has become a man...

1. When he's spiritually mature enough to lead a wife and children.

2. When he's personally mature enough to be a responsible husband and father.

3. When he's economically mature enough to hold an adult job and handle money responsibly.

4. When he's physically mature enough to work and protect a family.

5. When he's sexually mature enough to marry and fulfill God's creation purposes where possible.

6. When he's morally mature enough to lead as an example of righteousness.

7. When he's ethically mature enough to make biblically responsible decisions.

8. When his worldview is sufficient to understand what's truly important.

9. When he's relationally mature enough to understand and respect others.

10. When he's socially mature enough to make a contribution to society.

11. When he's verbally mature enough to communicate and articulate as a man.

12. When his character is mature enough to demonstrate courage in the face of conflict.

13. When he's biblically mature enough to lead at some level in Christ's church.

Dads, how are we doing ourselves in these areas? By God's design, our lives are a key ingredient in shaping our sons from boys to men.

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