Saturday, August 7, 2010

Self-control in the kitchen

Tomorrow in church we're studying 'the wisdom of self-control' from Proverbs. One aspect of wise self-control regards the food we eat. Whereas a lack of food in the developing world brings with it a host of issues impoverished Christians need to face, for us who have access to perhaps too much food and too many food choices (not to mention our culture's worship of slim bodies) we have our own potential sin issues. The best treatment on this topic from a gospel and God-centered standpoint, in my view, is Elyse Fitzpatrick's book Love to Eat, Hate to Eat. If you struggle with self-control in the area of food (not just gluttony but binging, self-starvation and yo-yo dieting), I cannot recommend this book too highly. You can order it here.

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