Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ebook advantages

Trust me, I'm not being paid by Amazon or Apple to promote their Kindle or Ibook electronic books, and perhaps you will always be old school in your reading methods and demand a hard copy in your hands. I sympathize with you.
Still, one profound advantage to taking the plunge into the world of ebooks is the veritible treasure trove of older books (many of which are more thoughtful and thought-provoking and sometimes life-changing than most new books) available either free or for very low rates. I may not be a shameless promoter of the Kindle Reader or Ipad, but I am a shameless promoter of the English Puritans, and their works, for the most part, can be had at incredibly low prices in electronic form. For instance, check out the difference between most of the books by the eminent Puritan preacher Thomas Watson in hard copy vs. ebook form sold on Amazon here.
I am not encouraging buying books if you, in all honesty, are not going to read them. Save your money - or donate it to someone who will. But if you are a lover of great books and are looking for the best books at the best possible price, consider the new wave of ebooks now available.

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