Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A global vision

In about a month Michael Gibbons, our missionary in Toulouse, France will be at Trinity for a visit. This morning as I was praying for the Gibbons' ministry, I felt a rush of joy at how intentionally strategic they have become in recruiting Christian workers from non-western contexts to reach the diverse populations in Toulouse, which is the fastest growing city in Europe. For instance, three workers from Hong Kong are due to arrive in Toulouse this year to target the growing Chinese student population in the city's universities. Michael has been training other missionaries from Bulgaria, Mexico and Columbia to effectively assimilate into French culture in order to plant a biblically healthy church there.

Missions is changing. God seems to be raising up workers from all over the globe as American missionaries increasingly find themselves in leadership, training and support roles in order to unleash the young churches from the developing world on the mission field for maximum effect. I am humbled that we as a church get the opportunity to watch this exciting transition taking place before our eyes through the Gibbons' ministry. Take some time today to pray for God's work in and through them.

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