Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good and angry

"Jesus died not only to free you from your anger, but to enable you to take up His righteous anger....He died so that you would not be a captive to the self-absorbed anger of your claustrophobic little kingdom. He died so that you would be angry with sin and the way it has harmed you and everyone around you....

Sarah is very angry, but she looks anything but angry. She isn't easily irritated. She isn't known for being loud and argumentative. But Sarah is angry. She is angry that so many elderly people are institutionalized and alone, so she spends each Sunday afternoon going room to room at the retirement home in her neighborhood. She is angry that in our highly educated culture many inner-city children do not learn to read, so she tutors children on Tuesday nights. She is angry that so many friendships end in unreconciled conflict, so she works to be a peacemaker whenever she can. Yes, Sarah is angry, but it's not the self-focused anger of the little kingdom. No, her anger is the anger of the big Kingdom and it propels her to look for ways to do good."

Paul Tripp, A Quest for More, pp. 191-92.

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