Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pray and go

This morning as I was praying for various African countries, I felt an unusual burden to pray for Somalia - that east African nation which has devolved into anarchy and piracy. Though it may be the most unsafe place in the world to live at the present time, especially for women and children, its problems could be used by God to stir in the hearts of its Muslim citizens a longing for a Savior. How will Somalis hear about Jesus? Here are some ways you can pray:

  • For the very few Christians in Somalia (only 200 by some reports) to courageously share their hope in Christ and teach the Bible to others

  • For Christians in nearby nations (like Kenya and Ethiopia) to courageously find inroads into Somalia toward evangelism and strenthening the tiny Somali church

  • For Christians in Minneapolis, and other major cities of the world to which Somali refugees have fled, to compassionately minister to the Somalis who God has sovereignly brought into their neighborhoods not only so they might know Jesus but spread a passion for His glory to their relatives and friends still in Somalia

In addition to prayer, we need to go. The vast majority of missionaries are working in countries with stable churches which are growing. That is needed, but there is an urgent need for career missionaries going to the dangerous and unreached nations of the world like Somalia. Who will go?

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