Thursday, June 9, 2011

The fallen

This week we come to Act Two of the divine drama of the Bible: the Fall. I'll have much to say about how sin lends insight into the rest of the biblical story-line (and into our lives). For a more comprehensive and keenly thoughtful exploration of human sin, I recommend Neil Plantiga's book Not The Way Its Supposed To Be. Here's just a taste:

"Sin is a parasite, an uninvited guest that keeps tapping its host for sustenance. Nothing about sin is its own; all its power, persistence and plausibility are stolen goods." - p. 89

"Due to sin, we've become an ego-centered culture where our wants become not just our needs but our duties. In such a world, the self replaces the soul, and human life degenerates into the clamor of competing autobiographies." - p. 83

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