Thursday, June 2, 2011

The flood and God's faithfulness

This week many of us who live in Minot's floodplain have witnessed God's faithfulness through the quick work of friends to get us high and dry, to house us and our pets (and our frozen food) and through the collective efforts of countless others, including the Corp of Engineers, the National Guard, the City Public Works, volunteer sandbaggers, etc. We've seen God's faithfulness.

That's all true, and yet it may be that God wants us to use this flood to focus on a greater example of His faithfulness. Genesis 6-9 documents the global flood of Noah's day in which only eight people survived. No natural disaster even approximates the devastation and loss of life which Noah saw. Yet his account ends with God's covenant of promised preservation and the rainbow put in the clouds to remind us that God will never again destroy the earth with a flood - or any natural disaster prior to the second coming of Christ. So, as we face the challenges of this week and behold small examples of God's faithfulness all around us, may they remind us of God's greater faithfulness: His promise to never again wipe humanity out with a flood and to save eternally all who put their hope in Christ alone. When seen in that light, our present, small adversities become a song of praise.

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