Friday, April 13, 2012

The anatomy of holiness

If you ask ten Christians for advice on how to keep yourself experientially holy on a daily basis, you'll probably get eleven answers. Everybody has their own 'list' of what to do or not do for accountability. In my opinion, a better alternative is what Kevin DeYoung calls 'the anatomy of holiness.' Try this 'anatomical' self-evaluation out the next time you want to assess your own holiness:

  • Is my mind is filled with the knowledge of God and fixed on what is good?
  • Are my eyes turned away from sensuality and do they shudder at the sight of evil?
  • Is my mouth telling the truth and refusing to gossip, slander, or speak what is coarse or obscene?
  • Is my spirit earnest, steadfast, and gentle?
  • Is my soul resting and rejoicing in Jesus?
  • Are my muscles toiling and striving after Christlike virtue?
  • Is my heart full of joy instead of hopelessness, patience instead of irritability, kindness instead of anger, and humility instead of pride, thankfulness instead of envy?
  • Are my sexual organs are pure, being reserved for the privacy of marriage between one man and one woman?
  • Are my feet moving toward the lowly and away from senseless conflict, divisions, and wild parties?
  • Are my hands quick to help those in need and ready to fold in prayer?

When I lose track of what holiness is actually about, I try to scan down the body from head to toe and remember what God desires from me. And just as importantly, I need to remember who Christ is and is making me to become.

Great advice!

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