Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is this 'XP' position?

Last Sunday many of us gathered during the Sunday School hour to discuss the elder board's vision for future growth and restructuring. On the front end, this involves hiring a position commonly known as an Executive Pastor (XP). As we progress toward the Annual Meeting at which time the balls would be officially set in motion toward this new structure, I'd like to provide you with links to some brief documents to help you get a better feel for what we're looking for in an XP, and what he would do.

1. A good general overview of the concept of the XP can be found here.

2. A few key questions which help define the position are here.

3. A rough draft of the Trinity XP job description which a search committee may use to vet potential candidates can be read here. Please keep in mind that this document is not in its final form.

We are excited about what an Executive Pastor could offer Trinity in maximizing our ministry and helping us all optimally operate in our areas of giftedness. Feel free to leave a comment about how you believe an XP could be a help to our church and God's Kingdom.

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casey ellis said...

This was very helpful to better understand the "way-forward" concerning the XP position! The bottom line is that we are here to be God's cheerleaders for His Gospel, and hiring a gifted Executuve Pastor will help us in that endeavor.