Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prayer for Africa

With the EFC of Sudan as our sister church, we at Trinity often have our eyes turned to Africa.  Many of you will remember Kevin Kompelien, the ReachGlobal Africa director who was with us in 2005 and helped us launch our partnership with Sudan.  This week he is in Africa and writes about a traumatic situation in eastern Congo and Rwanda for which we can pray.  After our study of Acts 2:1-13 on Sunday which focused on thinking globally, calling us to pray for the Christians in these countries is especially timely.  He writes,
Over the past several weeks, fighting has broken out in Eastern Congo forcing many of the 700,000 refugees to flee into neighboring Rwanda.  One pastor of the Evangelical Free Church of Rwanda states, 'Refugees are now at the homes of anyone who will take them in.  Twenty people spent last night in my father's home.  This is the same in many places.  Bombs were detonating, forcing people to head for safety in nearby Rwanda.'  Just two weeks ago TouchGlobal spearheaded an effort to supply the Congolese refugees with Bibles, but now their needs are both spiritual and physical, as they are fleeing for their lives by the thousands into Rwanda. 
Yesterday as Terri and I sat in our home, we commented on how peaceful it was.  Life is far different for tens of thousands in central Africa.  Among the refugees are many Christians.  Please pray for God to supply His suffering people with His supernatural grace and give the church a unique opportunity to share the hope of eternal life with those whose lives are in jeopardy.

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