Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Memorizing the Message

I mentioned last Sunday how the wisdom of Proverbs was custom-made to be memorized more than any other type of biblical literature. Therefore, over the course of the coming months we're going to be incrimentally memorizing Proverbs 3:1-18 together as a congregation. Why that text? Because, if chapters 1-9 lay the theological foundation for the book, chapter 3 - especially the early sections of the chapter - communicate the heart of biblical wisdom, particularly verses 5-8.

For the next month or so we're going to be concentrating on verses 1-2:

My son, do not forget my teaching,
but let your heart keep my commandments,
for length of days and years of life and peace
they will add to you.

You'll see those verses again on Sunday, but don't wait until Sunday to review them. You may want to make it a daily practice in your quiet time and/or begin reviewing them at breakfast or supper time with your family.

Most importantly, don't just memorize this text - think about it, pray through it, impress it upon your wife and children and ask God to help you love its truth. Memorization is only meaningful when it moves from our minds to our hearts and lives.

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