Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boring faithfulness to the glory of God

It's Spring and that means - mission trip mailings! This time of year, many of our mailboxes are inundated with requests for prayer and money from young Christians heading to the four corners of the earth this summer on some mission trip. Many of the trips might be truly developmental, gospel-oriented and helpful to national churches. I hope they are. But, personally, I'd trade fifty, geared up twenty year olds heading out to save the world in two weeks for one twenty year old satisfied with staying home in order to humbly, quietly serve in his or her local church long term.

Yes, we need missionaries, but I can't help but wonder if what we need even more are young people commited to showing up for church each Sunday, eager to serve those around them in quiet, gospel-driven ways with no fanfare. That's the stuff the Kingdom of God is made of.

Kevin DeYoung explores this theme further in this article.

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