Thursday, May 6, 2010

Satan's limitations

A quote from our Men's Theological Training group material really encouraged me last night. If you're a Christian, I hope it encourages you, too. It should also give us more incentive to share the gospel with the lost in our world.

"The only weapon the devil can use [against us] is our sin. Nobody goes to hell because they are oppressed by the devil or even possessed by the devil. Nobody goes to hell because they are harassed by the devil or get shot at by the devil or given halluncinations by the devil. These are all smoke-screens to hide the one deadly power in Satan's artillery, namely, unforgiven sin. The only reason anybody goes to hell is because of their own sin. And all Satan can do is fight like hell to keep you sinning and to keep you away from the One Who forgives sin."

- John Piper, "Jesus Is Able To Help Those Who Are Tempted," on-line sermon at

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