Friday, May 21, 2010

Want to go to jail?

One of the most overlooked and neglected but ripe mission fields in Minot is the Ward County Jail. For many years a handful of faithful men from Trinity have led a Thursday evening Bible study with inmates in order to point them to hope in Jesus.
Recently, Matt Carr informed me of their present need for men to help out. He writes,
"In order to hold a Bible study for the inmates, we need to have two male volunteers. We would love to find more Bible study leaders, but even if you don't feel equipped to lead, we'll take you! Having the second volunteer means the difference between being able to have the Bible study or having to cancel. If we have to cancel consistently, we will lose our time-slot, and other groups (including some representing non-Christian religions) would love to have it.
I have been a 'second man' for several years now, and my experiences attending jail Bible studies have been helpful in my own walk with Christ. Through the studies presented by the leaders, I have learned a lot. Through discussions with the inmates, I have grown in my ability to communicate what I believe. During the time I have participated in this ministry, I have seen many seeds planted and have even seen some take root and grow."
If you have questions or interest in this kingdom opportunity, please contact Matt (727-6808) or Dave Steen (839-3267).

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