Friday, May 29, 2009

How Would YOU Respond?

How would you respond if you received a legally binding order from your county that you may no longer host a Bible study in your home unless you pay the high registration costs for a 'religious assembly' application? A San Diego man is facing such a question right now. You can read about it here.

In your opinion, what would be the most God-honoring way to respond?


stephanie j. said...

I'm watching this one! Hope to see some good, Biblical answers, because I don't know the answer! My sense of "Americanism" and God-given desire for freedom is telling me one thing, but what is Jesus saying through His Word? I think I know the the fee (render unto Caesar), and use my legal rights (working within the system as a Citizen -- like Paul did as a Citizen of Rome...he exercised his rights for hearings, etc.) to fight the lousy ordinance at the same time.

Ken said...

Well, for starters it's California so that should be no surprise there, they've been running that state like a flamboyantly liberal European country for years.

The most God-honoring way to respond? Hard for me to say honestly. It's hard to use the Amendments to protect ourselves against anything anymore because the secular progressive movement has twisted them out of proportion.

I do know that any response that honored God would be one of peaceful reaction, with love for our neighbors and enemies. I'm not sure I agree with rendering to Caesar, as I do believe this to be a clear violation of our religious freedom and an outright attack on Christianity. Had this been a Muslim "qur'an" study, I guarantee this wouldn't be an issue.

There are entities out there that specialize in representing Christian litigation. I would think that to be the best course of action. Not to seek damages or to defame the accusers, but to simply protect the rights of these people to hold their study.

It's interesting in another aspect also. As I am studying criminal law, the government talks about "the sanctity of a man's home" and what he does in the privacy of his (or her) home is his (or her) business.

I think any federal lawsuit filed by the county would ultimately fail.

Jason Skjervem said...

I know the question is how would I respond, and I'm not fully sure.

But I pose this question, what else is going on in this story?

I just don't believe that the city of San Diego is all of a sudden going on a lawsuit rampage to eliminate, fine, or tax Bible studies.

I feel bad for this couple, but I'm thinking there is some sort of underlying issue going on.

thefourwinds said...

I was wondering something similar, but it could be something as simple as a neighbor who is upset who has managed to get the city on their side.