Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Miss California, Gay Rights and Christian Thoughtfulness

If you've been tuned into our American news media recently, you're likely privy to the recent furor over Miss California's opposition to gay marriage. If you're interested, you can read about it here.

For a more thoughtful treatment of the issue from a Christian perspective, consult the recent comments of Carl Trueman.


Anonymous said...

I'm trying not to let things like this bother me anymore. I've been told that we're not supposed to be surprised when people, blinded by sin and lied to by satan, do what they do.

Take Fairfax High School in Los Angeles for example. They just voted a gay male for their prom queen. Yes, I said queen.

Or the woman at a hospital in Mansfield, Texas who was forced to remove her American flag (yes, American flag, in TEXAS of all places) because it was considered "offensive" to her immigrant co-worker.

We could easily get upset about all these things but in the end, we know these people are blinded from the truth by the great deceiver. Thank God for grace and knowledge that some day, this too shall pass.

fuzymunky said...
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fuzymunky said...
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Ken said...

For a guy pursing a minor in computer science, I'm doing a horrible job trying to figure out why my blog account continues to identify me as "bob"


Anonymous said...

Ken (or "Bob"),

If there's one thing I've learned, computers are the perfect example of something that is necessarily under the curse, especially since they're pretty much entirely made by man.

Sorry to laugh at your expense. It is pretty funny, though, how it identifies you as "Bob." Sort of like if my account randomly started identifying me as "Fred."