Friday, May 22, 2009

Unmasking False Gospels

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Me said...

Moving... Thank you for sharing this. I am sad that this misleading message is shared anywhere to include America. Where is the hope? How do you persevere with a message of prosperity? What happens in the hard times? I pray we learn and share the true Gospel.

I do believe God blesses us with undeserved gifts (my husband and sons for example). However, sometimes we forget that it's not a case of, "if I were more obedient I would get more stuff or bad things wouldn't happen to me" but to remember to be thankful even in the hard moments that He IS enough and is in control of all things, I am forgiven.

A previous time when Casey was gone I was afraid of sounds at night, I was counseled with the wonderful words that nothing happens to me without God knowing it is going to happen. I haven't been afraid since, I believe God spoke those words to give me peace -- what may happen could be bad...But I trust God and that even in the "bad" He's got it, He is in control... He IS enough.

I pray none of us will never truly know "bad". But, some will encounter it and when we do, I pray that we will handle it as Piper speaks of here because God has graced us with knowledge of the truth.

Thank you for the video, Michelle